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fredag 22 mars 2013

Mostly rollin' on fine

I thought it was about time to write something a little more upbeat than my usual cynicism-laced bitterness. And for once I actually do have some fun stuff to write about.

First of all, the living situation has vastly improved... because my work situation did. And that's where the fun stuff starts to happen.

In autumn 2012 I decided to send in an application for a job I was certain I wouldn't get. I didn't have the education for it, nor any previous experience working in that particular field. On the other hand, I really, really wanted the job since it would mean I'd get to work with graphic production and loads of other incredibly fun stuff. But, alas, no education beyond a very rudimentary course in newspaper layout...

So, yeah, I was fairly certain I wouldn't hear from them, other than maybe with a polite "Thank you for your application but...". Imagine my surprise (and, truthfully, crazed elation) when they suddenly called me and asked me to come in for an interview. I went, still convinced I wouldn't get the job, and the questions during the interview, on which many the answer was "no", didn't help me to feel better.

I'm mostly self-taught where graphic software is concerned, I've never actually had any opportunity or reason to learn how to prepare the graphics for print, it's been years since I'd worked with (the predecessor of) the software the job used. I was brutally honest during the interview, since I felt there wasn't any hope anyway. I left the office feeling odd... with the request that I come back the next day to do a sort of work test.

I returned the next morning, worked that whole day and then simply continued coming back for almost a week... and then one glorious day they smiled at me and told me they wanted me to stick around. Can you imagine? Getting the job you've always dreamed of, when you were certain it was never meant to be and that your chances were even worse than zero? And when you most desperately of all needed a job, any job?

I believe I more or less skipped home in happiness that day.

I've worked there for over 6 months now and man do I love it. It's most often to the point where I actually feel sorry when Friday rolls around and I realise there are two days in which I won't get to be at work. Won't get to meet my wonderful colleagues or joke around with what has to be one of the best bosses in the world.

And the job I do... My mum always used to frown at me playing around in Photoshop or other similar graphics software all the time. Well, now I get paid to spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week doing that very same thing. On top of that I've learnt how to work a vinyl cutting machine, print clothes and started to get a hang on the whole retail/profile thing. And, it bears to mention more than once, I've met some of the most amusing, amazing and warm co-workers ever.

The job is, however, a temporary position due to one of the work force going on maternity leave. So, unfortunately, it's only for a year or so. But by the end of that time I've gotten another piece of experience for my resume, it'll have increased my chances of getting another job doing the things I love and, most importantly, I've had the opportunity to experience what it really means to love your work and your colleagues so much you really don't feel like leaving for the weekend.

Oh, and then there's the housing situation. Thanks to me getting a temporary position for such a, relatively, long period, the landlord decided to give me permanent contract (without a set date for renewal of the contract, which was the case previously) on my apartment. So that piece of worry has also left.

In other news I've also gotten myself a dog (been more than 6 months since that though), a little Dalmatian girl who gives me ample reason to alternately smile, tear my hair, laugh like crazy and go all gooey and warm by looking at her. She's the dog with a capital D! And we've started to attend Dog Shows, which she's, so far, handled beautifully.

I've also gotten myself a new car, a sleek Subaru Outback, sold my darling Toyota to a close friend (whom I know will take good care of my baby) and sent the Volkswagen to car heaven. I've got a somewhat heavy loan on the new car, of course, but it's worth it.

All in all, life's pretty good right now :). Now, if only I could get to sleep on time and the little spotted one could eat when she's supposed to, most everything would be well on track. But, I guess you can't get everything in life... I mean, how then would I get my kicks with cynicism and bitterness?

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