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lördag 12 november 2016

Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst

All right, first of all, just let me say that I'm writing this as an outsider. As such, I can only base my opinion from that perspective. I know that there really are some great things that have come from the US, and hopefully many more great things will come. I know that there are lots of amazing people the, Americans with wondrous minds and ideas. I know that the US was based from a grand and amazing idea. I know all this... Which is why, when having followed the presidential campaigns and seeing the results of the voting I can't help but ask...

What the actual fuck, America?!

Granted, the media might or might not have been reporting from a biased angle, and not everything that is said and done reaches outside the US borders, but come on! You have just elected a man who, in my opinion at least, personifies everything I utterly dislike and despise about your otherwise kinda ok country and people? The media is good, but not so good as to fabricate pure, vocal proof, spoken from the candidates own mouth and caught on recordings. Your president-elect is, from my point of view, the very epitome (this word I use with heavy sarcasm and fully aware of its, in this case, twisted meaning) of the ignorance; bigotry; sheer overdone opulence and decadence; lack of any semblance of common sense; comically pathetic self-importance and overblown ego (that still to this day, and despite statistics and global research, continues to claim that the USA is the greatest country in the world) and utter, would-be-hilarious-if-not-so-obviously-real idiocy that is the main reasons I have never, even once, felt that the USA is a country I could ever even think of visiting, much less living in.

To still, to this day, claim that the US is the great, in some instances the greatest, despite massive evidence to the opposite strikes me as particularly sad and comical at the same time. The land of the free? And yet the USA is within the top three when it comes to prison population. Freedom is not something invented and trademarked in the US, it's been, and is still being, heavily practised in a majority of the world's population. Your overblown belief in the right for every person to own guns, and the way you, like children losing their toys, are crying in outrage as soon as someone proposes to limit that "right". Haven't you heard the saying: Violence only sparks more violence? It's a never ending circle. How many people in your country have been killed because of all the firearms? How many deaths could've been avoided if the access to those same have been more restricted. Sure, we have our problems here in Europe as well, but we've have strict restrictions on guns for a very long time, and yet our statistics for death by firearms are way below yours, as well as, at least so far, our crime rates.

I once heard an American acquaintance say that Obama has completely ruined America for the outside world. I belong to the outside world but, sorry, I can't see it. In fact, when Obama was elected it was the first in a very long time that I felt hope that America was headed on the right track, towards a more humane and sensible path. That hope was, sadly, utterly crushed when I heard the election results. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't much of a fan of Hillary Clinton either. I understand you had a difficult task ahead of you, choosing between two evils, two quite unsuitable and unfit candidates. But still, why did everyone pay more attention to her emails (a stupid and careless mistake to be sure, but also very likely something she'd never do again) than to Trump's disgusting, chauvinist, ignorant and utterly fact-resistant shortcomings, the pure bullshit he spewed out at every given chance? Really, America, one mistake, which, so far, doesn't seem to have caused all that much trouble, weighed against a whole campaign of kicking on those already having a hard time, advocating a giant leap back in time, far from the progress made in these last few years? I'm utterly baffled, I tell you...

Anyway, since the choice has been made I can only hope against all hope that the candidate you have chosen was just playing it up for the crowd rather than actually being as dumbass ignorant as he seemed. Or, as the band Alphaville sings in "Forever young", I'm "hoping for the best, but expecting the worst". Hoping, because, much as I hate to admit it, what happens in the US doesn't stay in the US. If your choice fucks up your country, it will most likely send shockwaves that might affect the lives of billions of people who didn't get to have a say in your election.

So, good luck, mr. Trump, please don't fuck us all over.

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