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fredag 23 april 2010

So happy and relieved!

I am so incredibly relieved right now.

I've been worrying myself sick over what to do about a job this summer. Since I'm graduating from my university at the beginning of the summer I've been chewing my nails wondering what to do now that I've become a "grown-up". The ideal scenario would be to find a nice job at some news desk so I could actually work with what I've spent these last few years learning to do.

Since January/February this year I've sent out applications for summer work to various news desks around the country. It didn't look very promising though. I got rejection after rejection with the explanation that they wanted someone with "experience" in the field. But, hell, how can anyone get experience if no one's willing to employ people who might not have worked x amount of years at a news desk previously?

It's like a bad circle: You need experience to get a job within media -> You can't get any experience until you get a job within media -> and so on ad infinitum.

But! Things suddenly seemed to brighten a bit when I called one of the news desks I'd sent an application to. The hope rose and today I got a call from them saying that I'd get a few weeks (3 weeks) at the local newspaper office I had applied to. I was so happy I was shaking! And as the cherry on top of it all there's even a chance to get more work from them after the summer! It would mean I have to move (back to my rather small hometown, even further north than where I am living now) but I don't mind. They're willing to give me a chance, I can work at a newspaper I actually quite respect and that I grew up reading. And I get to work in a place I know very well, where I still have friends and family staying. So, all in all, if they ask me to continue working there after summer it's Good-bye Umeå; Hello again Gällivare!

It feels as if a great weight has been lifted off my chest with this. Of course I'm a bit nervous, thinking "what if I'm not good enough?" but at the same time I feel like "I can do this! I live for this!". To get a call like the one today is the most amazing feeling, it makes me giddy. And since I'm up to my ears with research and planning for our exam project it makes me feel even better to know I won't have to worry as much about the summer. So all in all... I'm on top of the world and aiming even higher!

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  1. Moment 22 är aldrig kul...

    Kul att du känner dig så glad :) Allt blir nog bara bra ska du se!