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lördag 6 mars 2010

Technology and Cat = a love/hate relationship since 1996

So, instead of doing what I should be doing - which is writing on my thesis and maybe hole myself up in the vaults of the university library to look through microfilms - I've now gotten around to working on making my old laptop into a laptop purely for design purposes.

Since this laptop is royally screwing my design programs over and is also giving my design tablet tics I decided to say "fuck it" and move the designs back to my old semi-trusty servant. Of course I won't trust it to be able to handle internet or the likes since last time I tried the bastard started lagging like crazy. Besides, since I accidentally gave the keyboard a nice shower of red wine it's completely destroyed and I have to use an external for it, which doesn't exactly encourage creating longer text segments. But at least the touchpad works so I won't have to deprive my new one of the wireless mouse.

Anyway, I'm gonna wipe the old fucker clean and then only install the bare necessities (of which firefox and other internet-related items will not be a part). Since it's set up just next to this one I can still surf the 'net and listen to Spotify so I won't have to choose between the two. Which is good, since I'd probably go mad if I couldn't use the internet for a longer period of time.

Of course, my faithful external HDD will have to serve as the go-between when I find something (read: brushes) on the net that I deem would be beneficial for my designs.

Today will, in other words, be spent cursing over the stupid idiot who came up with the sick idea to create a shitty OS like Windows Vista. It takes ages for the fucker to install and once it's on the hard drive... The shit really hits the fan.

I was complaining about my laptop running so slowly a few weeks back and a very insightful and intelligent friend casually reminded me that it really couldn't be helped since I have a virus on my computer called Vista. Amen to that.
Seriously, Vista has got to be the biggest and worst joke since the Windows systems were even invented (which in itself was the beginning of the end in my opinion).

I just thought I'd write it out here since there most likely will be some serious ranting in the close future. And some of it might very well end up in this blog.

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  1. Oj, ordräknare på ordet "fuck" med tillhörande böjningar? ;)