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söndag 28 februari 2010

Boys, boys, boys...

So last night I let my best friend talk me into going to one of the clubs on campus, completely disregarding the fact that I actually haven't got money to spend on such things.

Anyway, she had never been to that club while it used to be my favourite place back when I went out more frequently. So I assured her that it would be fun, and even if it wasn't the drinks are cheap there. Well, we got there about ten minutes after they'd opened for the evening. My first thought when we got in was: "What epidemic has wiped out all the slightly normal people on campus?". It was the first weekend after payday (here in Sweden we have this thing where we can take out special student loans and also get some student grant, enabling us to live... sorta... without having to work full-time too unless we want to) and usually the clubs are teeming with people these weekends.

However, last night we felt quite alone in the world with only a handful of others (who seemed quite eccentric), not counting the bartenders, in the place. So we sat there, nursing our beers and wondering what the hell was going on while talking about checking some of the other places on campus.

Long story short we remained at this place and about an hour after our arrival more people started appearing and suddenly the place was rather full (with a lot of people who seem to think that dancing is a synonym for either wobbling back and forth in one place or doing some hardcore groping). As is wont to happen in a club full of drunk and desperate people we were pretty soon joined by some guy and we spent the evening talking and drinking more than we should, as usual.

But, as always after a night at the club, I get to thinking about guys. For so long one's heard the guys complain about how girls are always trying to drag them into a relationship after having sex with them. Which is quite a silly and outdated statement.

It seems like the scale has weighed over to the other side, because far as I've noticed it's the other way around these days. Guys are the ones who seem to think that the girl will be so amazed at their fantastic skills in bed (or conversational skills... who knows?) that they'll fall to the guy's feet and jump at the slightest possibility of a relationship afterwards. And the girls, on the other hand, shake their heads, wonder why they didn't register that the guy's an idiot the night before, take a few painkillers and decide if he was good in bed or not. And then they move on.

Since when did the good old-fashioned one-night-stand become synonymous with "Sure, I was drunk and horny yesterday and you were fair enough in bed so let's start dating and live happily ever after"? Why can't a girl just want to try out a guy she met at the club and then be allowed to continue on with her life without him dogging her about meeting again and trying to sell his good points to her? Unless I've missed something really crucial it's been a long time since having sex with a guy means immediate attachment and "together ever after" here in Sweden.

And the worst thing is that guys don't seem to realise how pathetic they are in thinking that more or less nagging the girl about it the day after, and not getting the hint to get dressed and get the hell out, will clinch the relationship deal.

One of the most stupid things a guy can do the morning after is to start telling a (hungover and newly awoken) woman about how great he is and how she deserves the best... which, naturally, is him. If he's got any say in the matter that is, which of course he always has since he's God's gift to women. The fact that if he had been he probably wouldn't have to do such a pathetically desperate thing in the first place doesn't even seem to register in his mind.

In a way I can't help but feel sorry for such guys but at the same time that old mantra "Girls always think having sex once means a relationship" rings in my head and I sit back to shake my head and smile in patronising pity.

Guys often do amaze me... with their complete lack of self-reflection and insight. Which part of "don't call me, I'll call you" can't they understand? Just wondering. After all, they're the ones who claim to have invented the expression in the first place.

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  1. Har alltid varit så. Bara det att vi blivit lurade hela tiden. Hur då? Jo genom filmer och veckotidningar. Och vilka styr filmvärlden och tidningsvärlden? Jo MÄN! De har hela tiden velat få oss att tro att de är starka och självständiga, när de egentligen mår pyton utan en kvinna vid sin sida. Och om ett förhållande tar slut, vem är det då som sitter där och förvirrat undrar vad som gick fel, 5 år efter uppbrottet? Jo mannen så klart! Kvinnan har naturligtvis gått vidare för länge sedan. Smalare, rikare och definitiv lyckligare.

    Hoppas att du hade kul i går och att du inte är alltför bakis idag :)