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fredag 12 februari 2010

Self-destructive but happy nonetheless

Today I gallantly managed to fuck up one of my knees. I fucked the other one up last winter (and lost my precious hot dog and mashed potato dish at the same time!) when I slipped on some ice. So I guess it must be because I'm Libra and want balance in my life. I can't go around with just one lousy knee, can I now? So, after having managed to procrastinate it, as is my habit in all things concerning life, for almost a full year, today I subconsciously decided to deal with it.

Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't a conscious decision at all, it just sort of happened.

I was off to my stable to fetch some extra feed for my horse who is currently stabled at another place during the renovations. I managed to, surprisingly skilfully at that, avoid the saw bench, three huge planks, some extension cords and even a hay bag or two hiding in the deep shadows on my way into the stable. However, since I subconsciously always strive for balance, when I went to fetch the last bucket of feed I suddenly, in the semi-darkness, felt an evil chill of apprehension along my spine. I suspect it was my subconscious finally kicking in because next thing I know I'm practically ambushed by a sneaky wooden plank which ensnared my feet and me fall heedlessly forward. Now, as you all know, one's body tend to try and correct the situation on its own around that specific moment... and most often screws up royally, as in this case. I barely had time to think: "Oh fuck!" when I felt the bone-chilling, nauseating sensation of a knee hitting a concrete floor with full force, while the attached ankle and foot were still struggling with the sneaky plank. Needless to say I cursed a bit, came to my feet and limped out of there, trying to retain some small measure of my badly bruised pride.

Let's see if it's my pride or my knee that'll be the most colourful come morning. At least I now have two busted knees instead of just one. I guess that makes me greedy, eh?

Now I'm going to go and do what I do best... I'm going to wallow in self-pity.

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