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torsdag 18 februari 2010

I'm great at studying!

Well, at least at making others study. Being me I am quite surprised that I did manage to actually do some semblance of studying at all yesterday.

However, my presence alone helped my sister study all the better. So, while I was actively procrastinating my studies, all too busy knitting my scarf that paradoxically enough brings to mind a lovely Jamaican air, she was tapping away on her computer. I must say... I do a helluva good job motivating others.

And when she felt she had studied enough I started making her search for various music on Spotify. Before long we were listening to some weird Rastafari shit, all in honour of my scarf-knitting of course.

We amicably ended the evening with some Weird Al Yankovich while my sister was scrambling to get ready for her Funk dance session at the gym. And I was procrastinating going out in the cold in order to go to the stables. For once, though, my procrastination failed me and I found myself shivering in the stable less than an hour later. Not to mention the fact that I almost froze my face off while taking the old horse for a walk. When will this winter end?

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  1. Tänd ett "ljus" höhö, och låt det "brinna" höhö, så blir du nog både varmare och lugnare :P För översättning av ovanstående, svep om dig din halsduk, sätt igång lite rastafaritongångar och vips kommer du nog att förstå vad det är som saknas i sammanhanget. Pussar!