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söndag 7 februari 2010

Procrastination level going up

And so we begin a new week... A week when I hopefully will get around to doing the stuff I should've been doing last week.

I've got the introduction for my thesis to work on, I need to burrow down in the archives and read a load of articles. I also need to go through the 15+ books lying at the floor by my desk, resembling a bag of angry rattlesnakes more and more for every day. And I also need to hunt down those elusive and mystical journalists that I need for my interviews on the journalistic language.

Why is it that I can never do anything useful unless I'm under incredible stress (as in 4 hrs before deadline of a 40 page thesis-type of stress)? I guess it's human nature to want to procrastinate. Don't do today what you can do tomorrow, even if doing it tomorrow will give you a nervous breakdown because it's too late.

I really envy those people who can set up a schedule for what they have to do and when to do it... and then actually manages to follow that schedule. I'm the stereotypical messy, creative personality. I'm always flitting about doing nothing of any use until reality comes to bite my ass and I manage to pull through in the last second (kinda like how Hollywood heroes always manages to find the right wire to disarm the bomb a fraction of a second before it's going to blow up). I'll probably end up chewing Valium before I turn 30. Then again, chocolate is a much nicer way to handle stress. However, then the added stress of exercise rears its ugly head, grins madly at me and waves a medical pamphlet about clogged up veins and heart attacks in my face. It seems life wasn't designed to be easy for the lazy...

And yet humanity continues to try and find the next wonder-product that'll allow us to be even more lazy. And then they air the commercial about how you can work from home with computers, never having to leave your house if you want to, right in between commercials for various training exercises and diets. Is that irony or what?

In any case, this lazy Swede will have to get a grip soon enough. After all, my thesis allows me to legitimately play the language fascist. Which I am so pathetically good at.

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  1. Det är evolutionärt framgångsrikt att vara lat :) Spara på energin liksom. Och who knows, imorgon kanske jorden smälls i bitar av en kosmisk solstorm. ("kosmisk" kanske var att vara lite väl övertydlig.. Fast jag hade ju kunnat vilja syfta på solen-i-osyldiga-små-barns-ögon förstås..)